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Lars Vilks and His Mohammed Drawings Redux

Vilks - the artwork

Vilks - the artwork

Today I write a piece in the Swedish daily Expressen about the neglect by the artworld vis-a-vis Lars Vilks and his Mohammedesque drawings. I argue that the artworld are shielding themselves behind a veil of insecurity – is the media artwork initiated by Vilks but played out by thousands of reporters and Op-Ed writers around the world worth writing and fighting for or not? I believe so. Even if a good essay on his gesamtkunstwerk find that he is not doing a swell job, I still think he deserves a fair hearing.

Enjoy the article.

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Read My Neuroaesthetics Introduction Online

Now you can read my text Är en blå jordgubbe bättre än en röd? in the magazine Konstnären online. I go though some of the theories behind the concept of Neuroaesthetics. Jump to  the link. Enjoy


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Crisis in Criticism – It’s Back and Already Over

After all the commotion of the deafened voice of the grand cultural critic, apparently criticism is back in style. Both swedish magazine 00-tal and Paletten is recently discussing how and why the very act of criticism is important. Two new book s are also in this vicinity of how, why and for whom criticism is ushered: Andreas Åberg’s book Den vältempererade kritiken and Thomas Anderberg’s Alla är vi kritiker.

My take on this is the obvious proliferation of the act of writing (blogs, communities, magazines, etc) combined with the new economy of attention. The more information we have, the more we would like to make sense of how to value it. blogs are great tool for this but the obvious question has already permeated the debate or long: how to trust the bloggers out there. Let’s hope for a new debate and some results shortly.

More on the topic here and here and an article on

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