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Olivia Plender Interview Now in Flash Art

namnlösIn the recent Flash Art International there is an interview that I conducted with brilliant artist Olivia Plender, whose body of work deals mainly with representations of groups, norms and modern myths. I am especially titillated by the work on filmmaker Ken Russell, about the  british artists during the 60ies that were deeply engaged with the media and the process of constructing their own public image, their brand. Follow the link for the entire text.

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New Interview with artist Bo Christian Larsson

Larsson_Welcome_to_the_jungleAs I reported in a previous post, The Hayward Gallery in London recently opened a summer show on the aesthetic brain called Walking in my mind. I caught up with the only Swedish participant in the show, Bo Christian Larsson, for a brief interview through the web. In the interview I ask him about his work, the theme of the exhibition and what he reckons of the critic as a neurologist.

Jump to the text to find out what he answered.

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