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Neuroreview: Hayward Gallery Got The Looks But Not The Brains

As I reported some time ago, The exhibition Walking in my mind recently opened at the Hayward Gallery in London and now some of the first reviews of it arrived. Critic Brian Dillon opens up with what seems to be a googling interest for art history’s neurological underpinnings, but he is, bluntly put, underwhelmed. But scoring easy points dissing Semir Zeki is not good journalism, maybe Dillon also should have read Warren Neidich, Zack Lynch or David Lewis-Williams before he just sneezed at the subject. The exhibition is for Dillon not more that  show ”about the act of artistic invention, rather than the rigors of thought as such”, and he totally omits the quite interesting catalogue texts.

brainThe Guardian gives a full-on review, critic Laura Cumming protrudes the installations and their underpinnings, but her uninterest in delving inside the minds of the curators when making claims about ana exhibition as a metaphor for going inside the artist’s mind, is telling for the crappy art criticism of today. Dillion is a more senior art critic but still, the review gives me utter dissatisfaction, as does Cumming’s last words:

The best way to experience Walking in My Mind is probably to forget this issue altogether (How to represent the mental space of the mind inside the gallery space) and see the show for what it is: a handful of good and serious artists caught up in a summer blockbuster. The rest is a lacklustre funfair.

I have also conducted an interview with one of the participant in the show Bo Christian Larsson, read it here.

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New Interview with artist Bo Christian Larsson

Larsson_Welcome_to_the_jungleAs I reported in a previous post, The Hayward Gallery in London recently opened a summer show on the aesthetic brain called Walking in my mind. I caught up with the only Swedish participant in the show, Bo Christian Larsson, for a brief interview through the web. In the interview I ask him about his work, the theme of the exhibition and what he reckons of the critic as a neurologist.

Jump to the text to find out what he answered.

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