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Book about HUO’s Science Marathon Hits The Shelves

cover_dec9_2The most tenacious curator around – Hans Ulrich Obrist – moves his marathon project he started at The Sepentine a few years ago to a collaborative model with John Brockman, a New York based literary agent and publisher of into book form. People like biologist Ricky Dawkins, cognitive scientist Stevie Pinker and genome sequencer Craigie Venter have all been present at the ”Experiment Marathon” during 2007 and later in Reykjavik Art Museum, involving Olafur Eliasson as well. Over 100 figures from the art world and science have been involved and I will defintley try to get my hand on this one asap.

Until then watch videos from the Marathon.

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Demon curator Hans Ulrich Obrist

Demon curator Hans Ulrich Obrist

John Brockman, the science minded intellectual behind poses his annual query of 2009 to the demon curator Hans Ulrich Obrist. His response to the question ”What will change everything?” is laden with Wallersteinian utopics: 

In order to find a new sense of fulfillment, individually and collectively there will be a tendency towards increasing the number of de-commodified institutions. 

So Obrist tries to delineate a world system analysis based on the notions of de-commodification, proposed by political philosopher Immanuel Wallerstein. And although his text is ripe with Marxist rhetoric enough to make you dizzy, he compiles a great story of art, architecture and common culture that in his words blatantly have transformed the roots of thinking. The ideas that never were are just a way to draw a curved line between reality and the unrealised ideas holding it up. 

French artist Philippe Parreno, was also given the 2009 question to which he responded: 

Could we take the next step by breaking down the strict distinction between reality and fiction: NO MORE REALITY!

(I am not sure what he was smoking while writing this, but my guess is a pink colored toy penguin, bought at Palais de Tokyo. Mmm, raspberry!)

Jokes aside, others answering are Eric Kandel, Richard Dawkins, Terence Koh[!] and Frank Wilczek, check it!

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