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Varför tala om erotiskt kapital?


Erotiskt kapital lanserades ordentligt som ett begrepp för fyra år sedan av sociologen Catherine Hakim. Utseende, karisma och social utstrålning är inte bara viktigt, det är så pass avgörande att vi måste börja räkna in det i samhällsekonomins omsättning av kapital.

Jag försöker ge en introduktion till tankesättet utifrån hennes senaste bok. Läs texten i Arena.

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The Rise of Neurocinema

Fast Company has a brilliant piece on Neurocinematics, the area in which fMRI scanners infiltrate the domains om film and cinema. The article focuses mostly on the industry of neuromarketing and not so much on the artistic side of  it all. But it is fair to say that the testing grounds for endings of movies and TV-series will in the future contain EEG, fMRI and what not.

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More knowledge, More NeuroPsychoEconomics

Impatiently awaiting the new Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics (JNPE) produced by The Association for NeuroPsychoEconomics. It will further foster the merge of the life sciences with the dismal science economics.

Also have a look at the latest issue of E-Flux Journal. Look especially close at Sean Snyder’s article ”Disobedience in Byelorussia” which attempts to reconstruct a series of interrogations he once experienced at the hands of an Israeli immigration official. In it he interestingly tries to justify and comment his artistic practice through the questions he received at that time.
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Neuroeconomics gone wild: cognitive psychology anyone?

It seems like a contradiction to ‘outsmart your brain’,  but as as Seattle times report in their article on Neuroeconomics and behavioral economics, the brain is adapted in ways that modernity and its economies are not always in tune with. In short –  we make choces we do not fully understand. Thus this step-by-step run-down let us delve into the predictably irrational behavior that has all economists scratching their bald heads. All but the neruoeconomists, who are having a field day. 

Now a disturbing fact most of you consumption discontents need to point your eyes to is the notion of instant gratification, when buying or consuming stuff, as explained by Jason Zweig from the Wall Street Journal.  We get an emotional kick from buying, so choosing between a Pollock and Nerdrum (Pollock usually out pricing Nerdrum), could be difficult in cases we are talked into something by our brain juice. Zweig recommends silly associational thinking like to add dates and colorful names to financial goals. This sounds awfully like my therapist, talking about tha virtues of cognitive resonance and such.

Will this method make you richer less poor? Ask Zeki who this month delves into the concept of greed, but before reading his meditations I urge everyone to look at what Michael Douglas has to say about the matter.

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The way the Brain Buys


Andreas Gursky taps in on consumption

Artist Andreas Gursky taps in on consumption

The finest newsprint on the planet, The Economist, ended the year of 2008 with a great story on why we buy the things we are compelled to buy especially around holidays, and the scary tactics of Wal-Mart and Sainsbury’s when they employ neuroeconomics in the marketplace. The problem as I see it relies mostly in the pushing forward of the concept of privacy, the same could be argued in relation to the fundamentals of personal advertising of the kinds used mostly in new media. Remember the  parellel with the Google debate and how The Evil One they are monitoring you in full, whether you enjoy it or not. Articles Here and here.

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