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Drawing by Graham Samuels 2009

I am a writer educated in the fields of contemporary art, philosophy and political science with great interest in neurology and psychology. I am currently a freelance critic and curator. Previously I worked as project manager at Iaspis in Stockholm between 2006 and 2010. In this interview by critic and philosopher Rikard Ekholm in 2009, I present my views on art and society.

I regularly give public lectures on topics such as Art & Economics, Neuroaesthetics, Social Media and Art Theory. I also write political reports about culture and society, most recently for think tank Timbro and for the Västra Götaland-region. Also a writer for political web portal Makthavare.se.

My writings have been published in magazines such as Flash ArtContemporary MagazineArt Papers,  Glänta,  ArenaKonstnärenPalettenAxess, FLM and Nu-E Magazine of which I also worked as editor-in-chief. Between 2004-2006 I was a regular contributor to the daily Upsala Nya Tidning. Recently I have been writing in Expressen, Sydsvenskan and made shows for Sveriges Radio P1.

I managed the blog Efter kritiken during 2005 together with Frans-Josef Petersson. As a curator I have produced several exhibitions and seminars on topics ranging from game theory and the economy of video art to art criticism and theories of public space, with artists such as Felix Gmelin, Gunilla Klingberg, design group Front, Matti Kallionen and Lars Arrhenius.

If you have any queries please contact me:

Robert.stasinski @ gmail.com

Cellphone: 0707 83 09 59

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