The Myths and Meanings of bin Ladens Death

All of us that aren’t in a coma, recognized the news of Osama bin Laden’s death as really really important. But why is that, one might ask? Psychology Today lists a few answers and further implications:

1. Barack Obama will be re-elected.

2. It took us a long time to catch Bin Laden.

3. Muslim allies don’t really love the US.

4. Bin Laden was already passé.

5.  We haven’t figured out the next phase of Arab-Islamic nationalism.

While it is true that bin Laden was a half-baked has-been, he now has a renaissance. As a symbol he might rise once again, but of course all the problems this Mujahedin started are still not resolved. The political world will probably look very different within just a few months. Stay tuned.

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