On This Day Suicide Terrorism Came to Sweden. Or did it?

It is both saddening and tragic, in what seems like the first islamst-type suicide bombing ever in Sweden yesterday evening. As expected all major international news media reported on the issue and various speculations and theories immediately started to fire through the air, about how and why. Fear is through fiction and what-if scenarios already being instilled. Swedish prime and foreign ministers displayed a eerie dissimilarity on how they reacted to the crime. Foreign minister Carl Bildt tweeted: Most worrying attempt at terrorist attack in crowded part of central Stockholm. Failed – but could have been truly catastrophic.. while the prime minister Reinfeldt mildly exhorted concern by stating it was ”unacceptable”.

If anything we are now finding ourselves more and more at a constructed crossroads, where on the one hand debaters and writers will ensure the public that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. On the other hand so-called political ”hawks” or realists as we call them in political science, will do their best to shout out to a frightened public that They are the Chosen Ones to deal with this new class of terrorists and therefore you must obey every political move they propose. But this is so wring. Nothing has really changed.

Let’s all remain stressed, a bit pessimistic, fat and materialistic – that is, let’s go at it like we always have done. Let’s for a moment pretend that the world did not change yesterday. Because today that is the most sensible and yet the hardest thing we can do.

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