Black Swan Theory as a Means To Reinvigorate Art Criticism

Is art a Black Swan?

In my new article in Expressen I make the case for connecting the cultural criticism of late with the almost seamless expansion of science and other knowledge systems of today. I use Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s Black Swan Theory in order to argue for a greater diversity in analysis and interpretation within the field of art criticism, but without a doubt this is a reasoning that should infiltrate all cultural, philosophical and political criticism.

Art rascal Lars Vilks comments and briefly dismisses my points as ”already been tried” and misses his own point that art today must gather its raison d’être from without the art field. Thus, to best analyze the expanding field of art, critics should at least try to develop their limited and one-sighted experience and knowledge. Art really creates black swans all the time, I can just mention some recent examples in Marcel Duchamp, Warhol and Cindy Sherman. The entire field of art has been forced to re-examine its paradigm because these individuals found new ways of looking. So today, I predict that science, economics or ethnology will strong allies in the next game change.

Nassim Nicholas Talebs recently wrote this beautiful piece about the human and natural economic worlds. Read it!

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