How Spinmeisters are Taking Over Science

We try to be critical in our daily lives, but the ownership of criticality is a constant bargaining. The NY Times reported recently that a pharmaceutical company paid to have a review article written by a consulting company, and got a well-known scientist to agree to sign on as the “author”. These ”ghost writers” produced a total of 26 scientific papers backing the use of hormone replacement therapy in women, ”suggesting that the level of hidden industry influence on medical literature is broader than previously known.”


How the s*** goes down even within science

Never in history have we seen a bigger need for media criticism and scrutiny of our public and semi-public institutions. As DN reported today, many patient organizations receive hefty sums of money from the pharmaceutical industry. Of course the moneygrabbers deny that any influence is taken place from the big companies. But a look into their political engagement proves that they are somewhat aligned with a more liberal approach to big business and the drugs industry.

From the perspective of PR, the spinmeister himself, Edward Bernays, used similar takes in the beggning of the century in order to sell Lucky Strikes and other canceroids. One writer have commented this kind of (un)scientific spin as ”the science of ballyhoo”. Lets beware of the this science. I suggest everyone starts by reading Unscientific America, about a populace that do not really belive in reality.

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