Sinziana Ravini Reviews Geist and Voice Over in Aftonbladet

A nice little text by Sinziana Ravini is published in Aftonbladet today delving through the interesting topics of staging criticism. The text is a double review of my own project Voice Over by Iaspis and Geist Magazine. Ravini purports that Geist truly intertwined their critique into the codes and mechanisms of desire meaning within the artworld. voice_over_cover_364British art theorist Gavin Butt has written extensively abut the death of the transcendental figure of Enlightenment that was placed at a special remove from society and thus away from ”the true object of criticism”. He renegotiates the question of the agent of criticism by stressing the performativity of the critical response and how these stagings of critique might deviate from conventional modes of criticism. Geist and Voice over can be bought here and here.

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