Interview Section Updated: Economist and Blogger Niclas Berggren

Sweden’s economists have risen from their econometrics charts and regression tables during last few years to start getting involved in the public debate. Niclas1Great, since most economics blogs in Sweden are still preoccupied with earning mo money mo money mo money, which is sad. But now more and more academic and intellectually infused blogs have come to the fore and are closing the gap between academic research and public policy debates.

I sat down for an interview with Niclas Berggren (runs the blog Nonicocololasos), one of the most tenacious and well-informed bloggers around with his main background within economic reserach. He is also associate professor of economics (Stockholm School of Economics, 2005) and vice president of the research institute Ratio in Stockholm.

I asked him about  blogging, female economists and experimental research. Go to the Interview section for the entire text (In Swedish).

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