New Research on Museums and Neuropsychology

One of the world’s first cross-disciplinary projects of empirical neuro-aesthetic research has recently been made public at the Kunstmuseum St. Gallen, Switzerland. The question is basically philosophical, but as neurophilosopher Patricia Churchland have explicated philosophy’s ground have always been challenged by scientific breakthrough and thus moved its realm furht toward the unknown. In this case the question ”Can the perception of ‘art’ be measured?” will possibly now be answered empirically, instead of philosophically, at least in the closed setting inside the Museum in Switzerland.

Modell_12_1eMotion – Psychogeographic Museum Cartography is the title of this research project, funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. It follows in the conceptual tradition of Alexander Dorner, the preeminence of 20th century curating, by investigating the museum as a ”force field”, or kraftwerk. eMotion takes the concept of psycho-geography, mostly used within the field of architecture, to analyze the data that will spring from the 4-year project. In 2010 we will hopefully know more about this interesting endeavor, but right now the project can be experienced in situ at the Museum i St. Gallen.

Read more about it here.

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