Obama to Replace Bush’s Bioethics Posse


Members of the President’s Council on Bioethics were told by the White House last week that their services were no longer needed and were asked to cancel a planned meeting, a council staff member said Wednesday to The New York Times.

The rumour has it that the bunch was dismissed due to the inherent design by GW Bush in 2001 as an advisory group on philosophical issues of bioethics and behavioral sciences issues. Basically he instated them to advise him on the controversial stem cell debate that blossomed at the time. The One President Obama will appoint a new bioethics commission shortly, one that surprisingly is meant to offer more ”practical policy options”, as told by The White House.

Bush’s council was first led by Leon Kass of the University of Chicago and, since 2005, by Edmund Pellegrino of Georgetown University. Kass has been famous for his conservative views on stem cell research, cloning and euthanasia, and consequently got lots of flak for being an ideologue under Bush.

My vote for its new chiarperson goes to Jonathan Glover, philosopher and professor at the Centre of Medical Law & Ethics at King’s College London, great thinker in the field, althouth he is not American so for the moment all bets are off.

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