Kray-Z world: Neuroknitting

Bill Harbaugh, an economics professor at the University of Oregon focusing on neuroeconomics – using neuroscience techniques like fMRI to examine people’s economic decisions – has curated (yes, he curated!) a small art exhibit he calls Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art

A knitted brain by Karen Norberg

A knitted brain by Karen Norberg


I cannot possibly see what he is getting out of this, unless… he fMRI:s the knitted brains!

And so just wondering: Why Bill, why?


2 thoughts on “Kray-Z world: Neuroknitting

  1. […] picture credit: Karen Norburg (found here) […]

  2. I think you will like this project neuroKnitting scarfs done with your brainwaves:


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