Gaza and how to make a wolf rat

Gaza under siege, two sides with a fantasmatic difference in power, support and international networks. Israel is, as repeated in the past, unwilling to allow international scrutiny, journalists and human rights monitors. the propaganda war has already begun as clearly seen in the condemnations around the world of the stronger part in the conflict, Israel, except of course by the United States, with its administration and in large part the media still lingers with the dogma of preemptive strikes self defence. (By the way: for a interesting look at terrorism and group dynamics check out Dan Gilberts TED Talk of December. Jump to after 24 min.).

Israel by all means is not a nation of dumbasses, thus has started the war just in time before Neo Obama enters the Oval Office, and so gets the support from evangelical G. W Bush.  Politics extends out into war and vice versa, with little or no borderline between them at all. A nice dialectical analysis on this topic comes from Carl von Clausewitz, thank you wikipedians.

Well, as always one turns to  art to see how hegemonic systems can be unmasked by individuals on the cultural frontline. Enjoy a piece by Marina Abramovic, Balkan Baroque from 1999. the video is a tale of transforation of the simple atom, the rat to a blood thirsty, efficent devouring machine.

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